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Back in the Newsroom: Dan Raywood Returns to SC Media UK as Senior Editor

Dan Raywood returns to SC Media UK as Senior Editor, charged with revitalizing the brand and re-engaging the cybersecurity community with actionable insights, discerning news and analysis.

“It’s a delight to return to SC Media UK. When I first worked here, in the ‘internet age’ of 2008, the massive business shift to online was in full swing and cybersecurity was a nice-to-have,” Raywood said. “Now, cybersecurity is a must-have.”

Dan RaywoodRaywood rejoins SC Media UK, now part of CyberRisk Alliance’s media portfolio, at an important business inflection point for the UK and larger European IT community. Today’s risk landscape is redefined by a cadre of new ideologically diverse adversaries, the emergence of disruptive technologies - cloud and AI to name a few – and new regulatory realities.

“I often refer to my period working for SC in the 2010's as the ‘APT era’, as I covered patching, major worms and malware like Conficker, Flame and Stuxnet and wrote about the coordinated attacks of Anonymous and Lulzsec,” Raywood said.

Despite how far we have come from that era, Raywood notes, the industry needs to redouble efforts on cybersecurity fundamentals, such as making patching for vulnerabilities such as Log4Shell easier.

“Today cybersecurity is a business imperative with CISOs and DevSecOps both vital to a company’s risk mitigation strategy,” he said. Raywood said his goal is to make SC Media UK a valuable daily resource for UK practitioners that answer both what happened and why it matters.

“Going beyond a breach news headline means reporting how far down a supply chain is impacted by an attack,” he said. “It’s about actionable intelligence and giving practitioners a jump on answering the perennial CISO question, ‘are we vulnerable to this?’”

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“Some 11 years after I left SC Media UK, it’s a real delight to be back and breathe new life into this brand,” Raywood said.

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