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Introducing the Cyber Salary Survey 2023

As Cybershark Recruitment and SC Media team up to reveal national salary trends for the second year running, now's your chance to take part in our anonymous survey to help support the industry...

It’s a busy life for Daniel Murray, managing director, Cybershark Recruitment. The Cambridge-based consultant is at the heart of Britain’s security market, placing hundreds of cyber talents in prestigious roles annually.

In February this year, SC Media UK teamed up with Murray to publish a comprehensive cybersecurity salary survey with contributions from over 1,200 industry execs – the most detailed research of its kind.

Among other findings, the survey revealed that the highest paid job roles on average are penetration testing (£102,000) and security architecture (£93,750); Southerners are paid more than Northerners; and over one third of candidates are ‘definitely’ looking to change roles this year.

What’s more, it’s taking cyber executives just two weeks to find a new job in today’s churning market.

The second chapter…

In February 2023, SC Media will publish Cybershark Recruitment's Salary Survey exclusively for the second time. The new findings will be even more insightful, building upon the seminal benchmark results of last year.

Please take a few moments to fill in the survey here. Your answers will go some way to helping provide a transparent benchmark for the industry – helping us all to navigate what has, to date, been a relatively opaque market.

“With regards to being able to benchmark your salary marketplace, it’s really important to have a level playing field for everybody,” says Murray. “The cyber industry is a key sector where it doesn’t matter what background you come from – it’s all about the skills you can bring into the team. That’s why we break down the survey by specific skills.

“Among many other benefits, our survey gives a good overview for junior people of what the starting level should be and what progression should look like.”

According to Murray, finding and locating talent to fill the top cyber roles remains a challenge for all recruiters in a tight market, particularly within the areas of Incident Response and Identity Access Management.

Murray also notes that candidates are increasingly requesting a four-day working week, while salaries are now being displayed on job adverts.

To help our industry, please take the time to fill in the anonymous salary survey here.

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