SC Awards 2021: Best managed service – norm. "strong, open, honest"

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Just why did norm. turn the judges' heads in the Best Managed Security Service category? Was it because of excellent service, sensible pricing or because of best-in-breed technical partnerships? Or a combination of everything?

“Comprehensive protection at an affordable price,” was the judges’ verdict.

norm. delivers comprehensive protection against known and unknown cyber threats. It does this by addressing the three pillars of an effective strategy: people, process and technology. The service costs around one third of the price of buying and managing an in-house solution.

The platform delivers unrivalled visibility, giving customers detailed and in-depth insights on the strength of current cyber security measures. Its key tool is the online Visualiser platform that displays an overall cyber resiliency score, insight into the strength of defences against each pillar and clear actions for improvement.

Previously, many SMEs chose to deploy a small number of point products and manage internally. This is a complex, time-consuming and costly exercise. This platform does the hard work, combining technology from FireEye, Fortinet, Qualys and CybSafe, as part of a fully managed service. And it works on a pay-as-you-go basis, with complete flexibility, scaling as business requires.

norm. has made it a priority to provide an enterprise-grade cyber security solution at an affordable price. Deploying norm. costs around a quarter of the cost for the same set of cyber-security tools and measures managed internally.

And if a breach does occur, the service provides customers with real protection and mitigation measures to minimise the impact, either alerting the business via norm.’s 24*7 SOC or automating the isolation of the impacted asset.

So what’s the story behind the strapline ‘We’ll promise to make your day a dull one’? Chief operating officer Pete Bowers explains: “For us, as technologists, cyber security is quite exciting! But if you speak to most business leaders, they’ll tell you it’s a bit dull, a necessary evil and they’ve got zero interest; they’re too busy building their business, satisfying customers, designing new products. Equally they recognise there is a threat so, while it’s dull, they also want reassurance that it’s being taken care of. And we promise to do that and make their day a dull one – from a cyber-security perspective.”

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