Illuminating the dark web: decoding the risks for businesses

Illuminating the dark web: decoding the risks for businesses

SC Media UK editor-in-chief Tony Morbin hosts a panel discussion with a CISO and other cyber-security experts to explore... 

The dark web is an encrypted part of the internet that uses non-standard communication protocols and ports to hide digital identities. It is designed to allow users to surf and make transactions anonymously, but while activity on the dark web may be private, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s secure.

Many hackers and scammers are lurking in the depths of the dark web set on stealing information. And as long as the trading of personal information on the dark web remains relatively painless for criminals, we should expect to see increased attacks and a rise in the theft of corporate data.

So what threats and attack types does the dark web hold? And how do you protect your organisation’s data from the dark web’s cyber criminals? By actively monitoring the dark web for discussions about attacks on your business sector - or organisation - you can take appropriate defensive steps, ramp up security, or close newly identified vulnerabilities.

SC Media UK hosts a panel discussion to explore this, featuring:

  • Tony Morbin, Editor-in-Chief, SC Media UK
  • Lorraine Dryland, CISO, First State
  • Jeremy Hendy, CEO, Skurio
  • Anthony Hess, Senior Director, Incident Response, Kivu Consulting 
  • Megan Carmichael, Security Engineer at Gratte Brothers

They discuss why you need to take a different approach to cyber security by proactively looking at what bad actors are doing – it’s time to look at it from outside your network, and get inside the attackers’ communications.