How your identity strategy can – genuinely – grow your business

How your identity strategy can – genuinely – grow your business

Security and a good user experience have not always sat comfortably: complex password requirements, second devices, complex protocols. It’s grim out there. And the more friction added, the more people look for shortcuts, which only leads to worse security.

For businesses across all industries, this negatively impacts revenue as customers fail to register, login, or transact when faced with password hurdles. It’s reached the point where companies actually factor in drop-offs into forecasts and budgets; it’s just one of those inevitable things.

It needn’t be.

There are ways to remove friction across every point in the customer authentication journey and improve security – you just need the right strategy and technology.

Join this SC Media UK webinar, in partnership with Beyond Identity, to explore how you can delight customers  while making your network more secure.

Find out…

* How convenience doesn’t have to compromise security

* That a zero-trust play exists that actually improves user experience

* Passwords are really over (but you knew that)

* How this strategy works in practice

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